Pastor Steve Bierly: has been at American Reformed Church since August of 1998.  His ministry focus is on helping people fall in love with God and his Word.  He also loves encouraging and preparing believers to be Christ's body in the world.  Pastor Steve has written six books and is an editorialist for Sunday School Guide.  He and his wife, Deborah, have a married son and daughter-in-law, and a married daughter and son-in-law. They have also been blessed with a grandson. Pastor Steve's hobbies are walking, NBA basketball, comic book collecting, and enjoying and analyzing TV shows, movies, and other aspects of pop culture.  To contact Pastor Steve you can call him at 712-439-1719 (office) / 712-439-2223 (home), or email him at (home) / pastors@mtcnet.n(office).

Donna Wallenburg: is a long-time member of ARC who is very active in the congregation.  Ten years ago, Donna became the go-to-gal at ARC as the church secretary. In this position, Donna has a knack for keeping the church organized. Donna and her husband, Brad, have been married for 27 years. They have three children- Brittney, Riley and Carter- who keep them very busy with day to day life!  The Wallenburg family appreciates worshiping at ARC and spending time together as a family.


Brian Oh:  Brian was born in South Korea. When he graduated elementary school, his parent decided to be a missionary for the Philippines. Therefore, they immigrated to the Philippines and since then he grew up in the Philippines. In the Philippines, he went to Christian international school, so he could have a chance to learn English and was able to hear about colleges in the United States. Among those colleges, he decided to go to Dordt College (which is university now) to study youth ministry and worship art. When he was a Freshman, he met Stephanie who came to Dordt as an exchange student. After few years later, when he went back to Korea to serve military service, he married Stephanie. In the same year, they had a baby (Haim Oh). After he graduated from Dordt College, they were planning to be missionaries in the Philippines. However, through God's wonderful plan for their family, they were led by God to American Reformed Church in Hull. Therefore, He has met a lot of good people, and has a great opportunity to serve God as His minister.